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Hans Herrmann

b Stuttgart (Germany), February 23, 1928

Iconic German racing driver started out as a Mercedes youngster before becoming a Porsche sportscar mainstay. Herrmann part-timed for Ecurie Maarsbergen in the 1961 Dutch GP racing 718-205. The car wasn’t a Maarsbergen car but the team filed the entry.

When Carel entered his first international races in 1956, Hans Herrmann was a factory driver for Porsche and they met at races such as the Nürburgring 1000kms, Le Mans and the AVUS Rennen. Therefore Herrmann was one of the few drivers Carel knew when he came to Brescia for the Mille Miglia a year later. Herrmann had switched to Maserati by that time, but that did not keep him from helping out the rookie from Holland. According to Carel's sister Cornelie Hans and Carel even drove a complete reconnaisance lap together in Herrmann's impressive three-litre Maserati.

Later, Hans Herrmann became responsible for Carel's single Maserati 250F appearance. Entered by Scuderia Ugolini for the 1959 French GP, Herrmann declined to drive the obsolete car in the sweltering heat, having already tasted the Reims track conditions in the supporting Coupe de Vitesse sportscar race – as did Carel in his RSK. Carel made no bones about taking over Herrmann’s drive, thus first appearing in a Grand Prix driving a proper F1 car.

Hans Herrmann in the second Maarsbergen entry during the 1961 Dutch GP.

Another picture of Herrmann in the same event.

Carel and the people in his presence

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