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Richard & Edith von Frankenberg

Richard von Frankenberg: b Darmstadt (Germany), March 4, 1922 – d Beilstein (West-Germany), November 13, 1973
Edith Maria Neumann: b Krassa (Germany, now Osecná, Czech Republic), September 28, 1919

The well-known driver/reporter and his ex-wife were good friends of Carel’s. They met in Sweden in 1956, and soon stayed at each other's homes for extended periods of time.

Edith grew into Carel’s confidante, especially after her divorce from Richard, and stayed so for the remainder of his life. The three got used to traveling together - the fun stories recollected by Edith are numerous. Such as the visit to the Italian restaurant where Carel steals a trout from the restaurant's basin to hide it behind his back. Then the waiter comes up to inform what they will be having, upon which Carel slaps the fish onto his plate and shouts, "This!"

Richard was Carel's team mate on one occasion, the 1958 Nürburgring 1000kms, sharing with Porsche phenomenon Edgar Barth. In his capacity as a journalist for the German magazine Das Auto Frankenberg created a scandal in 1962 by accusing several German F Junior drivers of employing 1450cc engines in their cars. That could have been easily done by substituting the Ford Anglia crankshaft by the Ford Consul one, thus obtaining a longer stroke. Frankenberg was able to substantiate his accusations for the cars of German Kurt Ahrens Jr, Austrian Kurt Bardi-Barry and Swede Picko Troberg. As a consequence, Ahrens, who had just become German National Champion, was disqualified for six months, along with Gerhard Mitter. However, Frankenberg couldn't make his case against the works Lotuses of Arundell and Rees stick. And so, Lotus boss Colin Chapman made a £1000 bet with him that Arundell would be able to match the Lotteria GP times at Monza in the same car, now of verified capacity. Thanks to Arundell's amazing run Chapman won the bet late 1962 when the Juniors returned to Monza.

Carel and the people in his presence

This section features the stories about the people who were around him while he was alive – his family, his friends, his mechanics, his entourage, his co-drivers, his rivals.