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Evelyn Delis and all the other girls

One of Carel’s girlfriends, Evelyn became best known for appearing with Carel with her leg in a cast. The affair, taking place in the spring of 1963, was shortlived but lasted long enough to produce one of the best Carel anecdotes.

Traveling to Britain for the non-championship International Trophy at Silverstone, Carel and his model girlfriend took the overnight ferry along with their entourage and several journalists.

When they drove off the boat Carel and Evelyn took a wrong turn and had to explain themselves. It turned out that they were heading for the nearest doctor, as the cast had been broken during what Carel described as a "rough night at sea".

Shortly before, Eudia Pierson, a pretty girl and a fine artist, became seriously involved with Carel during the 1962 season. Momentarily Carel was swept off his feet and went around showing Eudia's paintings to anyone interested. But the relationship was finished before Christmas.

Evelyn and Eudia were just two of the girls to become romantically acquainted to Carel during his days as a Grand Prix racing driver. Paddy Willmer tells us of a party given at the Stanleys in the early sixties. Paddy and his sister knew Lou Stanley's stepdaughter, which would explain their presence. The guests included several drivers, Graham Hill, Jack Brabham and Carel among them. "De Beaufort fancied my sister a bit and I think took her out for a boatride on the Cam that summer!"

The autographed photo below was given to Paddy's sister as a memento.

The autographed photo given to Paddy Willmer's sister.

Carel and the people in his presence

This section features the stories about the people who were around him while he was alive – his family, his friends, his mechanics, his entourage, his co-drivers, his rivals.