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The Van Embden family

Carel met the Van Embden family in Venezuela. They became friends during the weekend of the Venezuelan Grand Prix at the end of 1957.

This family is related to S.J. van Embden, an important Dutch architect and urban designer, who also worked as an architect at the University of Caracas. Carel used the address of his new Venezuelan friends to pay less taxes, and to make a handsome profit on buying and trading sports and racing cars. Furthermore, he drove his private cars on Venezuelan license plates. Carel was a true Dutchman in every way – never pay too much if it isn’t necessary! For foreigners this must sound a bit cheap, because he drove orange coloured cars that sometimes even sported the national red-white-and-blue flag on their noses...

Carel and the people in his presence

This section features the stories about the people who were around him while he was alive – his family, his friends, his mechanics, his entourage, his co-drivers, his rivals.