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1960 Sebring 12 hrs

12 Hours of Sebring


March 26, 1960

Ecurie Maarsbergen


Porsche 356A Carrera (107 763)

No: 80


R: 10 (2)

C: GT16

On the hot Floridian Sebring circuit Carel was one of the many private entries. At the start he pulled a stunt that even by Carel's own standards was outrageous. Here's what Porsche Panorama, the monthly magazine of the Porsche Club of America, reported on the matter: "After the usual Sebring race day best wishes, the drivers lined up across from their cars for the Le Mans start. De Beaufort clowned it up by grabbing the man next to him and holding him upside down by the ankles. The Count was good enough to let the embarrassed driver down before the countdown reached the end." Well, quite...

Even though Sebring was traditionally part of the world championship for sportscars, no works teams were entered. The race was won by Joakim Bonnier's Porsche 718 RS60, driven by Hans Herrmann and Olivier Gendebien.

Carel racet the 1587cc Fuhrmann engined Carrera with other Dutchman Jan Bootz. In this large field they finished 10th overall and second in class (GT16). For as far as we know this was Jan Bootz' one and only foreign race. Not a bad job.

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