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Drivers bracketed drivers were entered but did not race
Entrant the entrant is Carel Godin de Beaufort himself or Ecurie Maarsbergen, unless otherwise specified (bracketed and in italics in the main list)
Chassis numbers displayed in brackets right after the car type
Classification the classification column gives the overall classification, the class classification is bracketed

No starting number
Qual qualifying result
Race race result
Class class

DNF did not finish
DNA did not appear
DNQ did not qualify
DNS did not start
DQ disqualified
NC not classified

GP World Championship Grand Prix
F1 other Formule 1 event
F2 F2 event
GT07 GT <700cc class
GT16 GT <1600cc class
GT20 GT <2000cc class
PGT30 Prototype & GT <3000cc class
S sportscars
S15 <1500cc sportscar class
S16 <1600cc sportscar class
S20 <2000cc sportscar class
SS15 <1500cc production sportscar class

a complete account of his races

This section features all the events that Carel ran in - it tells you all about his results and the way he scored them.