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1958 Nürburgring 1000 kms

Internationales ADAC 1000km Rennen


June 1, 1958

Dr. Ing. F. Porsche KG

w/Frankenberg/Barth (Scarlatti)

Porsche 550 Spyder (0120)

No: 22(T)


R: 6 (1)

C: S15

This was the first time that Carel was in an official Porsche works car. The night before the race he was invited to race in Richard von Frankenberg's car, with no. 22(T). In this car Scarlatti had an accident on the first day, during practise. Carel then lent his own Porsche 550 (#31) to the American Art Bunker and the German Schiller. The two drove on P3 for a long time in their class, untill Bunker crashed Carel's car one lap before the race ended. Carel was very sad when his car was crushed against a tree. Carel himself did a better job and his race was pretty good. After the Porsche-team of Behra/Barth retired, Carel took over the first place in the class to 1500cc and finished 5th place overall. Carel started with Von Frankenberg and after Edgar Barth's own entry with Jean Behra retired he joined the other cars. One stint in Carel's car, which finished sixth, and a stint in the Harry Schell/Paul Frère car that finished seventh, which also meant a double Porsche victory in the class for sportscars up to 1500 cc. So, short before the race ended de Beaufort and Frankenberg had to give their works-car to Behra/Barth, but their success was based on the good efforts made by Carel.

Overall victory went to the Aston Martin of Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham, followed by no less than four Scuderia Ferrari Testa Rossas.

The Porsche pits at the 1000km-Rennen.

Carel at full speed. (photo by Bernard Cahier, P C Leemans archives)

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