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Reims-Gueux first became to prominence in 1938 when it won the French GP from Montlhéry. It was a fast triangular circuit consisting of two district roads and the Route Nationale 31 from Soissons to Reims, that first saw the cars move through the village of Gueux before a bypass was made. Later, another closed-circuit extension was made to the corner near Muizon village, at the far western end of the track. This also became public road after the circuit was closed down in 1970. A mainstay of the circuit – and a first-class photo opportunity to boot – was the righthander at the end of the RN31 straight. Located right in front of the restaurant de la Garenne that is seen on so many in-corner pictures, the Thillois corner was the last overtaking opportunity before entering the home straight.

With most attention focused to Thillois and the finish straight it was easy for Carel to stop out on the circuit to take a French demoisselle for a leisurely country drive, while practising for the Coupe de Vitesse at the same time…

the important places in his life

This section features the stories about the places that formed Carel's character for the largest part of his life.