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Carel's Porsche headlining Museon motor racing exhibition

Super Speedway IMAX movie shown in conjunction at Omniversum

Speed Exhibition PosterThe Hague, March 31, 2010 – The Ecurie Maarsbergen Porsche 718 F2 raced by Carel Godin de Beaufort is the centerpiece of a large motor racing exhibition officially opened by Robert Doornbos in The Hague today. Held at the Museon, the city's culture and science museum, the interactive exhibition allows visitors to be part of the excitement of Formula 1 racing and learn about the technology involved in designing and running a Grand Prix car. In conjunction, the Omniversum IMAX theatre next to the Museon is screening the movie Super Speedway.

The exhibition promises to be a great day out with the children, as it centers around the every-day experience of motor racing and shows the science practiced to create a better and faster car. Visitors are able to undergo the same physical tests that drivers have to pass, or perform the same lightning-quick wheel-changing routine that is challenging the teams' mechanics during pit stops. They also learn - through various interactive presentations - the intricacies of the combustion engine, the workings of a differential and the idea behind the gearbox. The concept of downforce is explained according to the laws of aerodynamics and Newton's laws of movement and gravity.

The Super Speedway movie shown in the Omniversum was first released in 1997. It tells the story of the Newman-Haas CART team in the period right after the IRL schism. The audience is placed in the helmet of driver Mario Andretti as he speeds his Lola around the most daunting ovals in the US. It's almost as exciting as the real thing!

Carel's Porsche 718 was the centerpiece during the opening by former F1 and Indycar driver Robert Doornbos today. It is also features on the exhibition poster. The owner of the car, the Louwman Collection that is soon to re-open in The Hague, was glad to offer the Porsche on loan. We are pleased that the Museon has chosen as its 'poster boy' a car that is so important to Dutch motor racing history. The beautiful 718 is fully deserving of it. Let's hope the image will capture the imagination of many visitors who consequently might be tempted to want to know more about the most colourful driver Holland has ever had.

Robert Doornbos and Carel's Porsche 718 F2 at the Museon, The Hague, 31 March 2010
Robert Doornbos and Carel's Porsche 718 F2 at the Museon, The Hague, 31 March 2010 (photo by Ebbert Olierook, Museon)

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