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Carel Godin de Beaufort was asked to introduce and promote a new open little Dutch sports car, called Citeria, at Zandvoort on November 17, 1958. Marketing was poor, because no sports car manufacturer would introduce an open roadster during the winter. Carel should have been glad it didn’t snow that day...

The Citeria was powered by a small 2-cylinder BMW engine and had a polyester body, weighing 620kg. Road handling was poor with the engine in the rear. Top speed was over 135kpm. The press wasn’t very positive about this car.

The company’s owner had a lot of money problems after it started importing and producing the little and unsuccessful Belcar in the Netherlands. The Citeria wasn’t much of a success either – only one car was produced. It was too expensive and the owner of the company ran into financial problems.

Its license plates are DD-89-35 and it was road registered on June 26, 1961. What no one would have imagined that cold November day is that this Citeria is still in pretty good shape and part of a nice private Cadillac collection.

Citeria then...

...and now.

the cars that he drove and raced

This section features the cars that shaped Carel's racing career. Mostly Porsches, of course...